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A “Sound Vegetable” :Tribute Vegetable

- Sep 13, 2017 -

Tribute vegetable, it belongs to lettuce. It is also called Sound Vegetable. It is a top-grade natural dehydrated vegetable with a long history of 2,200 years, retrospect to Qin Dynasty. In Qing Dynasty, it was presented to Emperor Qianlong as tribute, which gained it a name "Tribute Vegetable". When eaten, it will make sound, Premier Zhou called it Sound Vegetable.


It is a specialty of the Yimen village in Anhui province in eastern China. The vegetable, which has a straight stem and pointed leaves, is stripped from the stem and leaf is incised.


Tribute Vegetable contains the nutritious protein dry, such many kinds of trace elements as the pectin , many kinds of amino acid , vitamin and necessary calcium , iron , zinc , carrotene , potassium , sodium , phosphorus of human body ,etc. and carbohydrate, especially the vitamin e content is relatively high, so there is laudatory title of " the natural health products , the plant nutrient ", is it resist good merchantable brand of cancer to improve looks nowadays. It is convenient for the tribute vegetable to do and eat, can stir-fry and eat ing , pickling , candy pei, a kind of perfect hot pot condiment , and become cooked food that a lot of residents of large and medium cities advocate.


Here are some products with tribute vegetable.

Seasoned Scallop Trim Meat With Tribute Vegetable

Seasoned Surf-clam With Tribute Vegetable

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