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10 Famous Seafood Exporting Countries

- Dec 04, 2017 -

Seafood has long been an important part of human diets, and increasingly a major source of economic value. The countries listed below export large amounts of marine food products, including fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and others. These include fresh, frozen, smpked, dried, and pickled, and those sourced from both aquaculture (fish farms) and wild-caught fish from both fresh and oceanic waters.


10. Indonesia

Indonesia was the 26th biggest exporting country in the world in 2015, In the 2009–2014 period, the exports of Indonesia have increased at an annualised rate of 7.3%, from US$138 billion in 2009 to US$197 billion in 2014. 2012, the country’s total fish production was estimated to be around 15.26 million tons (5.81 million tons from wild capture and 9.45 million tons from aquaculture).


9. Netherlands

In 2013, the Netherlands was the 8th-largest importer of fish and seafood products in the European Union and the 13th-largest in the world. The Netherlands imported fish and seafood products from 100 countries (US$3.2 billion), an increase of 0.8% from 2012. The top five supplying countries were Iceland with a 10.8% share, followed by Germany (10.7%), Belgium (7.3%), Russia (6.0%) and Norway (5.8%).


8. Sweden

Sweden represents a promising market for Canadian suppliers of fish and seafood products, but is also a competitor that supplied Canada's top five destinations: the United States, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Chile in 2013.


7. Chile

Chile is the world’s longest and narrowest country with it’s borders defined by the Andes Mountain and Pacific Ocean. The coast line runs from the tropics to the wintery southern tip which means there is a staggering amount of seafood. Not just fish, but a huge variety of Chilean seafood. Fishing is a major industry in Chile and it is one of the major exporters of fish and seafood in the world. The Chilean sea is considered among the most productive marine ecosystems in the world.

6. Canada

Fish and seafood is one of the largest food sectors exported by Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada is committed to the sustainability of this valuable natural resource.


5. India

Seafood export industry in India has surged to a new high over the years. Starting from canned shrimp other varieties of Fish, Squid, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Crabs, Clams and Mussels etc. are being exported now. The Seafood Exporters Association of India caters for the well being of the seafood exporting fraternity of India.


4. USA

U.S. exports of fish and seafood reached a record level in fiscal year 2014, with a total value of $5.3 billion, up four percent from FY 2013. With a six-percent share of global trade, the United States is the sixth-largest supplier of fish and seafood products to the world market, behind China, Norway, Thailand, India, and the European Union.


3. Vietnam

Vietnam shipped $749 million worth of seafood abroad in August, bringing seafood exports in the first eight months of 2017 to $5.13 billion, up 18.1% from the same period last year, reports Vietnam Plus. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the largest buyers of Vietnamese seafood included the US, Japan, China and South Korea, accounting for 55.6% of total exports.


2. Norway

2015 was a grand success for the Norway fish and seafood industry, and a year when Norway exported seafood worth NOK 75 billion (approximately $8.8 billion USD) which was an 8% rise from the export value obtained in the previous year. Other European Union members and the United States served as the largest markets for Norwegian fish and seafood exports.


1. China

Since 2002, China has been the world’s largest exporter of fish and seafood products. In 2005, China exported $7.7 billion USD worth of fish and seafood products, with edible aquatic plants such as kelp chipping in to a significant degree. Currently, as per the most recent data obtained from the International Trade Center, fish and seafood export earns the country a revenue worth $14.1 billion USD annually.

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