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2018 Boston International Aquatic Products Exhibition

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Exhibition time: March 11-18, 2018
Exhibition Location: Boston, USA
Exhibition cycle: one year
It was first held in 1982 and has so far been held 35 times.
It is one of the world’s three major aquatic trade fairs and is also the United States
One of the top 50 fastest growing exhibitions.
The organizer has a wealth of expertise in the exhibition of aquatic products.
Powerful global buyer network, invitations to professional audiences and
There are standardized procedures and higher requirements for registration.

Exhibition Introduction
The Boston International Aquatic Products Exhibition was first held in 1982 and has been held so far. 35
Session. The exhibition is currently the world’s largest and best known in the fishery industry.
The professional aquatic trade show is the largest one among the three largest aquatic products exhibitions in the world.
It is one of the 50 fastest-growing exhibitions in the United States. Exhibition organizer for the United States
DBC Group, as the world's leading seafood exhibition sponsor, has a wealth of aquatic products
In the past 20 years, DBC has successfully held
"Brussels Seafood Expo in Belgium" and "Italian Mediterranean Seafood Exhibition"
Professional seafood exhibition. DBC's strong global buyer network is China's aquatic products and the sea
The shortcut to fresh products for the world!
The exhibition exhibits covers all aspects of the seafood industry: fresh, frozen
, fresh, high value-added, branded, and privately-traded. Show
Or international buyers, suppliers, distributors/wholesalers, importers, exporters, middle
Traders and traders publish or search for new products, contact customers, evaluate each year
Industry trends and events to learn about the latest seafood technologies. Due to professional
Visitors' invitations and registrations have standardized procedures and high requirements. The show attracts every year.
With seafood professionals from all over the world.

Last review
In total, there are more than 40 countries in Boston Aquatic Exhibition in 2017
1200 companies participated in the exhibition and the show also attracted
21,680 professional visitors from more than 90 countries came to visit, 88%
The audience expressed that they will continue to participate in the next year's exhibition and the exhibition area exceeds
20450 square meters. Among them, 84% of visitors have the right to purchase,
81% of visitors found new products and companies.

Range of exhibition
Seafood raw materials: fresh, frozen, fresh, high
Added value, patented, etc.
Seafood raw materials equipment: salvage tools, cooling equipment, ice
Frozen equipment, etc.
Seafood Service and Organization: Quality Management, Economic Management,
Seafood associations, trade organizations, etc.
Seafood packaging: transport, warehouse management, packaging equipment, etc.
Seafood products: Sauces, condiments, etc.

YangQi Foods has focused on top quality seasoning seafood products for over 8 years in China. As a global supplier in the sushi seafood, seasoning seafood products, YangQi foods is to create added value for customers around the world., but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the seasoning seafood industry in China.

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