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Scallop, A Creative Seafood

- Jul 07, 2017 -

    Scallops are a cosmopolitan family of bivalves which are found in all of the world's oceans, although never in freshwater. They are one of very few groups of bivalves to be primarily "free-living", with many species capable of rapidly swimming short distances and even of migrating some distance across the ocean floor. 



    Scallops can be found living within, upon, or under either rocks, coral, rubble, sea grass, kelp, sand, or mud. Most scallops begin their lives as byssally attached juveniles, an ability that some retain throughout their lives while others grow into freeliving adults.



    Found all round the world, the major, cylindrical adductor muscle of all scallops is naturally sweet, tender and delicate in flavour. The orange (female) or grey-pink (male) shape attached is known as the coral and the roe or milt sacs. These have a more robust flavour and are often removed for sale but the combination of the two makes a very attractive presentation.



    There are many ways to eat scallops such as eating them grilled, baked, deep fried, broiled, and pan seared.



    Except the above, scallops can also cook as frozen seasoned dish, like:

    Seasoning Scallop Column With Wasabi

                             11--芥末贝柱(Wasabi Scallop Column).jpg           

    Seasoning Scallop Trim Meat With Teriyaki Sauce Recipe


   Seasoning Scallop Trim Meat With Tribute Vegetable


   Seasoning Scallop Hotate Food With Sesame Oil


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