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The Dangers Of Red Tide

- Jun 20, 2017 -

     There are many people don’t know what’s red tide? Why it’s dangers? And how can we avoid it? Today let’s talk about HAB(red tide).

     What Is Red Tide?

     Red tide is known as the "red specter", it is a phenomenon caused by algal blooms during which algae become so numerous that they discolor coastal waters (hence the name "red tide"). The algal bloom may also deplete oxygen in the waters and/or release toxins that may cause illness in humans and other animals.

     The cause, type, and quantity of red tide are different, the water will be different color, like red color or brick red color, green, yellow, brown etc…


     What’s The Harm About Red Tide?

     Red tide algae make potent natural toxins. It is unknown why these toxins are created, but some can be hazardous to larger organisms throught the processes of biomagnification and bioaccumulation. Grazers such as fish and krill are unaffected by the toxins, so as they eat the algae the toxins are concentrated and accumulate to a level that is poisonous eat to organisms that feed on them. Large fish kills and several mammalian diseases and deaths have been attributed to consumption of shellfish during red tide algal blooms.


     How To Prevent Red Tide?

     1. The treatment of urban sewage and industrial sewage should be taken seriously.

     2. Rational development of mariculture industry.

     3. The sewage is not allowed to be discharged into the water directly.

     If we protect the environment the sea will be cleaner and cleaner.


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