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Those Who Have A Cold Chain Win Fresh! Seafood Dinner, Flower Cakes Are Cold Chains In The Effort

- Dec 31, 2018 -

On May 14th, 2019, the Asian Cold Chain Exhibition takes you into the cold chain and understands the cold chain!
The lively and atmospheric Christmas of the year has just ended and will open in 2019. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year are delivered from time to time, and gifts and food are the most unbearable. Lightweight chocolates, fresh and beautiful flowers, and delicious seafood gift boxes have become the best choices for the day. Cold chain logistics, as the guardian of flowers and food, escorts the good food in these special festivals.


The Asia International Cold Chain Logistics and Technology Equipment Exhibition ("Asia Cold Chain Exhibition") hosted by the China Association of Logistics and Purchasing Cold Chain Logistics Committee will be held at Shanghai New International Expo on May 14-16, 2019. The center is held to attract many domestic and foreign exhibitors to fully display cold chain logistics services, cold chain storage solutions, cold chain transportation solutions, new energy applications, preservation technology and packaging materials, information management systems, etc. The strongest sound.


Xijie Rongqing Logistics, which has been on the top of the list of cold chain logistics for 5 consecutive years, will bring the best service to the Asian Cold Chain Exhibition. Xijie Rongqing Logistics adheres to the mission of delivering green and sharing health, and accelerates the circulation of Chinese chilled goods through cold chain transportation to create value for the society. Xijie Rongqing Logistics focuses on cold chain logistics informationization, digitization and intelligent construction, and provides one-stop high-end logistics services based on high and new technology.


The leading fresh supply chain service platform, the nine-trail supply chain, will be the fourth-party logistics company that specializes in fresh e-commerce. The Nine Traction Supply Chain provides a one-stop supply chain solution for customers of global origin fresh produce by integrating domestic and international social cold chain logistics resources. This platform-based integration method optimizes multiple links in the supply chain, improves the entire supply chain link, reduces costs, improves timeliness, and guarantees the quality of fresh products.


In addition, there are many leading companies in the cold chain industry gathering in Asia Cold Chain Exhibition, including Jingdong Logistics, Yupei Supply Chain, HNA Cold Chain, SF Express, Lead Logistics, HAVI Logistics, Zheng Ming Logistics, Heng Wei supply chain, Huyi supply chain, fresh life, the better cold chain, Shiquan logistics, Dongfang Jiaxuan, Wanwei, Huiyuan, Qinqiang logistics, Weijiecheng, Kaili, Kaixue, Xinfei, Zhenjiang Nearly 100 in speeding, Brilliance Renault, Anhui Kaile, Futian, Xinhongchang, Aucma, Shengyufa, Denso, Yiliu Technology, Emerson, Xieda, Jingchuang Electric, Jinli Preservation, Civil Rights Cold Chain Equipment Manufacturing Base, etc. Home business.

Nowadays, the cold chain has penetrated into many scenes in life, and it has gradually become the user's immediate need, and food quality and safety are guarded by it. On May 14th, 2019, the Asian Cold Chain Exhibition takes you into the cold chain and understands the cold chain!

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