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A Convenient Meal—Chazuke

- Nov 23, 2017 -

Chazuke or ochazuke, chagayu is a simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea, dashi, or hot water over cooked rice.

Common toppings include Japanese pickles (tsukemono), umeboshi, nori (seaweed), furikake, sesame seeds, tarako and mentaiko (salted and marinated pollock roe), salted salmon, shiokara (pickled seafood), scallions and wasabi.

Chazuke provides a good way to use leftover rice as a quick snack because this dish is easy to make. It is also known as cha-cha gohan.


Chagayu is one of Nara's famous homemade meals; as the saying goes "Mornings in Nara starts with tea gruel." Now, Chagayu is used in a variety of cooking, such as Chagayu Kaiseki and Chagayu Bento. It is quite a simple dish, made of rice, water and tea, such as Hojicha or roast tea. As simple as it is, Chagayu is quite popular in Nara due to its refreshing flavor and the way it slips easily down the throat.


We have three products that are perfect for chazuke

Seasoned Octopus With Wasabi


Seasoned Top Shell With Wasabi


Seasoned Scallop Column With Wasabi


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