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Can frozen products defrost with hot water?

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Want to let the food long-term storage, professional quick-frozen is one of the most important methods, frozen products can maximize the original color of natural food, flavor and nutritional ingredients. But before eating there is a headache, that is how to thaw. Many people are eager to use hot water to thaw in the way, then frozen products can be thawed with hot water? Listen to the small compilation for you to explain:
Frozen products to naturally slow thawing or use cold water thaw for the best, so that both reduce nutrient loss, and maintain the original flavor. If it is soaked in hot water, it may result in the loss of nutrients and aroma of frozen products to varying degrees, thus affecting the palate.
Therefore, the proposal, do not use hot water immersion or flushing thaw, although seemingly short and convenient, but will let the temperature rise rapidly, food melt moisture is not absorbed, the juice is leaking out with the flow. It can be imagined that the nutritional ingredients are lost.

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