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Matters needing attention in edible jellyfish

- Apr 24, 2017 -

We all know that jellyfish are poisonous. What should we pay attention to when we eat?
In fact, early in the Ming Dynasty, fishermen already know the fresh jellyfish poisonous, must use salt, alum pickling, impregnation to the poison filter moisture, can eat. However, through the ages, Guangdong seaside fishermen for the greedy seafood delicious, fresh jellyfish and food poisoning are also common. In addition, jellyfish, like other seafood, are susceptible to contamination of bacteria such as salty bacteria, causing bacterial food poisoning by shredded jellyfish.
Summer is up, and the summer is the season for intestinal disease prone to occur and epidemic. Warning, raw mixed jellyfish silk affair should be carefully dealt with, the operation should pay attention to hygiene, do well to prevent flies, dustproof, pollution prevention and other work, preferably after the shred of cold water repeatedly rinse Yu Jing, drying, to prevent food poisoning.

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