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Seafood Cooking Methods

- Oct 30, 2017 -


Steaming is a gentle, fat-free cooking method that keeps the natural moisture in foods. This method uses the steam from a simmering liquid (usually water, seafood broth, or wine) to transfer heat to, and cook, a food. It is an excellent choice for preparing delicate seafood because there is a safe distance between the food and heat source, which helps to protect against drying. And steaming, unlike poaching or boiling, keeps flavorful juices and nutrients inside the seafood, rather than letting them escape into the surrounding cooking liquid.


Pan Searing

Pan searing is a technique that works well for cooking fish steaks and thicker, shorter fillets of fish. If the fish has skin, score it on the skin side with a few vertical slashes. This will help the fillet from curling because the skin will shrink as it cooks. Dry the fish thoroughly and season with salt and pepper if desired.



Grilling is a cooking method that can add a new dynamic of taste to your seafood. Grilling tends to give a smokey flavor as well a crisp texture that can be enjoyable to eat. Some fish, like flakier fish, or skinless fillets should not be cooked on the grill unless you are using a grill basket. Prepare your seafood for grilling by spraying both sides of it with vegetable or olive oil, season your seafood to taste or marinate it. The cook time should be around 10 minutes for your seafood to cook.


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