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Sushi Items – Amaebi (sweet shrimp)

- Jul 12, 2017 -

    Amaebi, or spot prawns, are cold water northern shrimp known and named for their sweet taste. They are the only species of shrimp which are best enjoyed raw, as cooking them will rob them of their full sweetness. They are served on nigiri-zushi, or fingers of sushi rice, and often accompanied by their fried shells and heads.



    Healthy Amaebi are clear and translucent. If they are turning pink and their tails are curling into their bodies, they are not as fresh as they should be. When purchasing Amaebi, look for blackness in the head as a warning sign that the meat is losing its firmness. The best quality Amaebi will have little to no black spotting.



    The flavor of sweet shrimp is exactly as the name implies, sweet and delicious. If you absolutely must cook your Amaebi, make sure to do this for only a short period of time, as the texture and flavors of the dish can deteriorate quickly under heat. Amaebi is served on sushi rice often accompanied by wasabi, or less frequently ginger. The head is an exotic dish often served along with the more familiar tail. When the head is served, it is fried, usually in potato starch, and can be eaten whole like soft shelled crab.    



    Amaebi is a great choice for nutrition, sustainability, and taste. Even those new to sushi will find it difficult to resist the temptation of sweet shrimp!


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