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The practice of beef

- Feb 23, 2018 -

I love to eat sweet potato fans, I remember a child when the birthday is not like now have a cake to eat, my mother know that I love to eat sweet potato fans, so every birthday mother will use two eggs cooked sweet potato fans to eat me. Now think back to feel the delicious meal that bowl, and her mother's deep love.
Yesterday made beef with this beef. To solve my nostalgia, my miss!
1. Beef chop into the tune into the raw and cooking wine put a little raw powder grasping uniform pickled for a while
2. fans soak soft
3. garlic and ginger chopped, black fungus shredded
4. Wok put oil into the garlic incense
5. Put the black fungus and beef
6. stir fry into the ginger into the water
7. Pour the casserole into a little soy sauce
8. Put in the fans
9. transferred to Duojiao
10. Braised for five minutes into the salt
11. transferred to the wine
12. Finally sprinkle with chopped green onion
Of course it is better to add Halal Beef Stock Cubes, the taste will be better。

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