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2018 Taipei International Food Exhibition

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Exhibition time: June 27 - 20, 2018
Exhibition Hall: Taipei World Trade Center
Holding period: one year
Organization: Metz Tuopu (Beijing) International Business Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Exhibition Introduction
Taipei International Food Exhibition is the largest and most international food procurement expo in Taiwan. Every June, many professional buyers from home and abroad come to Taiwan to visit and purchase. This is an unmissable food event in Asia. The global Chinese food industry is an indispensable annual event. Since 2012, this exhibition has for the first time expanded the exhibition area of World Trade Center No. 1 and combined with the existing Nangang exhibition area. The scale of the exhibition and the number of visitors have reached new heights.
The organizer of the exhibition, the Republic of China Foreign Trade Development Association (referred to as the Foreign Trade Association or Trade Association), is a non-profit public corporation established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in conjunction with non-governmental industry and commerce groups to assist the industry in expanding foreign trade. At present, this Council has more than 600 well-trained trade professionals. Besides the Taipei headquarters, it has four domestic offices in Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung, and nearly 50 overseas locations throughout the world. The Taiwan Trade Center, the Taipei World Trade Center and other sister institutions form a complete trade service network and are the best partners for the industry to expand trade.
Last review
The "Taipei International Food Exhibition", "Taipei International Food Processing Equipment and Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition", "Taipei International Packaging Industry Exhibition", "Taiwan International Hotel" sponsored by the Association of Foreign Trade, combined with related public associations and exhibited in a five-in-one fashion The cum restaurant equipment exhibition and the Taiwan International Halal Products Fair came to an end in June 2017. In total, 1,656 exhibitors participated in this year's five exhibitions, and the number of booths used was 3,981, together with the food, food, packaging, catering and halal products industries. During the four-day exhibition period, more than 65,599 visitors were attracted. In particular, the number of international buyers reached a record high, surpassing 7,756. It is evident that Asia’s food is strong and the Taiwan market is highly valued and affirmed by buyers. The “Cross-Strait Food Exhibition” organized by the Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Exchange Association was held at the Nangang Exhibition Hall and the World Trade Center No. 1 Hall during the same period. Nearly 100 companies from Zhejiang, Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Shanghai and other provinces and cities came to the exhibition. The exhibited products include chestnuts, peppers, aquatic products, soybean protein, tea, fungi, white fungus, pickles, snack foods, candy, fans, steamed buns, fruits and vegetables, and wine.
In addition, the World Trade Center Hall 1 held the "Taiwan International Halal Food Exhibition" during the same period, exhibiting halal-certified food, beverages, health foods, livelihoods and beauty products, in addition to coffee, jam, biscuits, candy and dehydration brought by Taiwan exhibitors. Vegetables, etc., this year will also be displayed at the Indonesian Pavilion of the Indonesian Economic and Trade Representative Office in Taipei, as well as foreign exhibitors from Malaysia. Together they will attack the world’s 700 billion U.S. dollar Muslim business opportunities. The two fairs held during the exhibition organized a total of $46.79 million in business opportunities. A total of 71 heavyweight international buyers were invited to attend the exhibition. The target foreign buyers included T&T Supermarket Inc., a Canadian chain channel giant, and Asian food chain distributors in Washington, USA. Uwajimaya, Japanese company Global Food Creators Co Ltd, and Shanghai Oriton International Trading Co., Ltd. all participated in the first day of the International Foodstuff Merchants Procurement Conference. The conference attracted 58 international buyers and domestic food from 18 countries. Businesses have created up to $400 million in business opportunities after one-on-one purchase negotiations.
Range of exhibition
Vegetables and fruits, fresh agricultural products, alcohol, coffee, tea, beverages, meat and dairy products, snack foods, organic foods, health foods, vegetarian foods, aquatic products, frozen and processed foods, confectionery biscuits, food additives, Bakery products, ice products, etc.
In addition to the above products, the World Trade Center No. 1 Pavilion presents the theme and creativity of Taiwan's food industry with the theme of ice products and hand rituals. Colorful and diverse foods are displayed at the same time in both Nankang and Xinyi Pavilion. They echo each other and show Taiwanese food. The creativity and vitality are expected to attract more buyers to visit!

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