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Anticancer Effect Of Chinese Crony Cuisine

- Apr 24, 2017 -

The anticancer effect of Chinese crony dishes is to emphasize the anticancer effect of vitamin A. But the recent vitamin A is considered as a anti-cancer effect of vitamin class and people are valued.
If vitamin A is lacking, the skin will become as rough as the shark's skin. This is due to the gradual maturation of cells that are split in the substrate layer of the skin and the abnormal phenomena arising from the process of cuticle covering the surface of the skin. The experiment shows that vitamin A not only has the function of maintaining normal division of cells, but also has the functions of transforming the precancerous state of cell carcinoma into normal state, which arouses great attention. However, unfortunately, the human body does not use vitamin A, because vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, only soluble in fat, insoluble in water, so it can not be like other water-soluble vitamins with the urine out of the body, but savings in the body.
If a lot of daily intake, it is easy to suffer from cerebral hypertension, showing headache, nausea, vomiting and other sequelae. In order to effectively utilize the strengths of vitamin A and reduce its side effects, people are taking various ways to study the improved vitamin A, but it is not yet successful. Therefore, in order to make effective use of vitamin A anticancer effect, the best way is to use food to compensate for its shortcomings, such as appropriate edible animal liver, eel, such as rich in vitamin A food. However, such animal food is terrible, and a lot of daily consumption can not completely exclude the possibility of vitamin A sequela.
At present, the best way is to get a lot of carotene from vegetables every day. Carotene is also called the production of Vitamin A factory, into the body after the carotene immediately decomposed, a 1/3 of the parts into vitamin A. Although vitamin A conversion rate may be somewhat lower, it is not necessary to worry about excessive intake of vitamin A resulting from sequelae. Carotene and vitamin A is a kind of the same, all have dissolved in the nature of grease, so if the Undaria pinnatifida is eaten together with grease, its absorption rate can increase nearly three times times. The utilization of carotene is greatly improved by pouring the salad oil and dressing on the Undaria, or by frying it lightly.

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