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- Feb 11, 2018 -

This recipe for make-ahead overnight scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese is a great way to have a delicious protein-rich breakfast ready when you want.


It’s here! After talking about this wonderful make ahead egg dish whenever I mention our family’s Christmas brunch menu of eggs, Make Ahead Peppered Maple-Mustard Bacon and Make Ahead Real Food Monkey Bread, I finally got a chance to photograph it and publish it for you. What makes these different (and better, in my opinion) from many other make-ahead egg dishes is that there is no bread-carb ingredient, just eggs, sour cream, cheese, and spinach. So we can feel free to add our favorite scone, coffee cake, or muffin. Yes.

And while I really don’t make the bacon or monkey bread at other times of the year (or if I do, it’s just once) these eggs are so yummy and easy I find that I make them often – any time it would be nice to have eggs ready to go in the morning, for guests or busy Saturdays or travel.

I especially like to make these before heading to places where we’ll be cooking for a weekend getaway – places that usually don’t have nice pans to make scrambled eggs with (think: old, flaking non-stick pans or tiny skillets). I’ve put the prepared eggs in one or two gallon zip top baggies and the shredded cheese in another bag and simply spread them in a 13×9 pan in the morning to bake. I do have to say it was brilliant the first time I did this! So nice to not have to stumble around an unfamiliar kitchen the first morning after arriving somewhere.

But for smaller gatherings like our family Christmas brunch, I love to place the eggs in individual ramekins instead of a single baking dish. It looks special and is much easier to serve up – just place one on everybody’s plate. The ramekins also hold heat longer than a pile of eggs on a plate, so they stay warmer longer.

There is really only one thing to remember when making these eggs – after adding the spinach at the half-way-scrambled mark, do not scramble the eggs until they’re completely dry. You want them to be a little moist when you add the sour cream and place them in the prepared containers/pan.

It’s not easy to picture this, but in the second photo above hopefully you can see a bit of moisture around the edges. Not uncooked egg liquid, though, just not a completely dry scramble.

Then add a layer of plastic over the eggs and refrigerate them until the next morning. SO easy.

While we usually add cheddar or jack cheese, goat cheese (pictured above) is a nice option, as is parmesan.

The basic recipe is really adaptable, too. Add peppers or tomatoes. Make it Greek with a few Kalamata olives and some feta cheese. Or Southwest with chili powder and pepper jack served with salsa.

And the flavor? These eggs are SO delicious – really! It may be the bit of sour cream, but they are such a step above regular scrambled eggs that everyone I’ve served them to just loves them.

I’m so happy to finally get this recipe published for you because I know you’ll love them, too!

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