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Foreigners Also Have The Spring Festival

- Apr 14, 2018 -

Last year, BBC's documentary "Chinese New Year" took stock of 11 years of China's taste and exploded friends circle. It also found the customs of the Chinese New Year in Singapore, bringing you to experience the year-end taste of different parts of the world!

The Chinese people account for two-thirds of the total population in Singapore, so the Spring Festival is also Singapore's most important festival of the year.

In addition to setting up New Year's goods, eating reunion   meals and wearing red clothes, there are some other customs that Singaporeans have during the Spring Festival.

For example, most people want a lion dance team composed of students to come to the house to perform. Every time a gong and a drum sound, a lion and a dance will drive off bad luck and greet the good fortune. Singaporeans in China exchange their "red envelopes", hanging red flags and eating fish to express their conviction. New Year's fish means auspicious. Fish and vegetables were served in a round plate, sprinkled with pepper and seasoning, stirring various ingredients with chopsticks, doing a stirring up posture. It is said that this move symbolizes making fortune and fortune in future career. The happiness of Singaporeans in China contains four aspects: luck, prosperity, peace and longevity.

1. Double tangerine worship year

New Year with two oranges, is Singapore's native customs. Orange has "Ji" meaning, Cantonese "mandarin" and "gold" homonyms, so to send oranges have auspicious, send money meaning. During the Spring Festival, Singaporeans bring two oranges to visit New Year, with auspicious meanings on both occasions. Both represent "goodies," and when they leave, their hosts will give back two oranges.

2. Colorful fish students

Singaporeans eat fish and livelihood for the New Year is to discuss a good color, for which, each into a garnish, should be matched with the corresponding auspicious words, such as into the fish will say: "every year more than" into Sour citrus will say: "Great Italian" into the carrot silk will say: "Fortune lead," into the dried fruit, peanuts broken will say: "gold and silver full house."

After that, people together with the chopsticks will be high in the disk material from the folder, the higher the clip, on behalf of the new year to earn more, while clip side high channel: "picked up! Pick up!" Health and water, good luck, lively celebration, "is a very unique custom.

3. Chinatown lights

Chinatown is what we used to say about Chinatown, where the annual New Year's Eve lighting ceremony will be held as the prelude to the Lunar New Year celebrations. At the same time here will also be the most lively place during the Spring Festival, decorated with colorful lanterns a new Chinatown, in the night like a glittering night pearl, all overseas Chinese to illuminate the face.

4 red taboo taboo

The red envelope is a traditional Chinese New Year tradition, it is said from the earliest Han Dynasty, to help children avoid the "year" this demon monster. In Singapore, elders also send junior red envelopes in order to "auspicious health", but at the same time have their own unique taboos. For example, in Singapore, no married elders, can not send younger red envelopes. Local customs believe that non-married men send younger red envelopes, it will be difficult to get married; and non-married women send younger red envelopes, it will be difficult to marry.

5 yellow pear tarts

In Singapore and Malaysia, one of the essential ingredients for the New Year's food is the yellow pear tart, a traditional pastry from the early Baba Nyonya. Unlike Taiwan's pineapple cakes, the filling is exquisite and exquisite. Huang pear in Guangdong and Chaozhou dialect, "Wang to" meaning, not only every household will eat yellow pear tart in the New Year, businesses will also be placed in the yellow pear decorated with auspicious signs.

Have seen the Spring Festival in Singapore, is it also looking forward to our Spring Festival in China it? Enjoy the rich in advance wish you all, Happy New Year it!

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