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How To Know The Development Of Instant Food

- Apr 24, 2017 -

In the development of instant food at home and abroad, current industrial policy, industry general characteristics, using the journal and other second-hand authoritative information, combining static and dynamic research methods, the quantitative and qualitative research methods are used in the data of instant food production statistics, regional output structure, enterprise market concentration, product cost and composition, investment construction of instant food project, mainly according to industry association, company database, etc.
In the instant food consumption, the price trend downstream consumer group composition and consumption characteristics, consumption of regional, brand satisfaction research and channel investigation, mainly using field research to obtain the primary data and through the model tools to draw conclusions. In the market of instant food imports, export markets and import and export policies, through the sorting and analysis of the second-hand authoritative data, the paper obtains the product structure, the geographical pattern and the amount of instant food import and export, adopts the quantitative and qualitative research method; In the instant Food key enterprise product sales, development plan, product launch area pattern aspect, mainly adopts field research to obtain the primary data method.
Whether the full grasp of instant food domestic market development status quo, which is not only related to the company's future capacity planning, and to a large extent determine the company's product strategy.

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