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How To Preserve Frozen Food Nutrition

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Supermarkets in a variety of frozen food hook up People's desire to buy. However, you may not know that the real frozen food is through professional quick-frozen technology and equipment handled, it can maximize the original color of food, flavor and nutritional ingredients. Most people in the home of the ordinary refrigerator is not competent. So, you want to retain the nutrition of frozen food, you really have to learn a few strokes.
First of all, "pass the baton", immediately put frozen food into the freezer of the refrigerator room. The low temperature state is beneficial to the preservation of nutrients.
Second, if frozen foods are stored in the short term, nutrients will remain very well. But at low temperatures, nutrients in food can be slowly decomposed over time. So, don't let the food stay in the refrigerator for a long time, to eat as soon as possible, from the production date the nearer the better.
One important step before cooking is thawing. Some people like to soak or rinse with hot water, although the time is short and convenient, but will let the temperature rise rapidly, food melt moisture is too late to absorb, the juice with the flow of leakage, the nutritional components also follow the drain.
Proper thawing of frozen food preservation methods should be "slow thawing", or advance from the refrigerator freezer room to the freezer, or placed at room temperature, naturally thawed.

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