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How To Select Sustainable Seafood Correctly?(3)

- Jun 28, 2017 -

17. American Lobster

                                      American Lobster.jpg

Latin Name: Homarus americanus

  The main producing countries are Canada and the United States. Most of the lobster fisheries in these two countries are certified by MSC.



18. Rock Lobster

                       Rock Lobster.jpg

Layion Name: Panulirus Cygnus

 The rock lobster fishery is the first fishery for MSC in the world. And it is the only fourth certifed by MSC in the world, with a total annual quota of 6,000 tons.



19. Arctic Shrimp

                                        Arctic Shrimp.jpg

Latin Name: Pandalus borealis

  Also known as arctic sweet shrimp, the main producers are Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Canada, most of the arctic shrimp fisheries are certified by MSC.



20. Snow Crab

                      Snow Crab.jpg

Lation Name: Chionoecetes opilio

 Snow crab also called queen crab, which is mainly in high latitudes. Currently, there are three snow crab fisheries in the world with MSC certification.



21. Yesso scallop

                                                       Yesso scallop.jpg

Latin Name: Patinopecten yessoensis

  Both Hokkaido in Japan and Zhangzi Island in China have received MSC certification. Among them, the yesso scallop fishery on Zhangzi Island is the first Chinese fishery to be certified by MSC.



22. Arctic Surfclam

                                               Arctic Surfclam.jpg

Latin Name: Mactromeris polynyma

  The main production countries of arctic surfclam are Canada, North Korea and Japan. The vast majority of Canadian production of the arctic surfclam obtained the MSC certification.

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