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Instant Food Analysis Some Fruits Should Be Eaten For A Few Days

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Some fruits are best to put a few days to eat, see the instant food for everyone summed up.
a banana. Banana should wait until the skin color completely yellowing, and smell the rich fruits of the time to eat the best. But bananas are easy to get black, so they can choose a little bit of life when buying. Generally speaking, the banana with "green shoulder" is preserved under the condition of room temperature, one day or two can eat. To accelerate maturity, you can put it together with ripe apples. If you want to save a little longer, you can hang it up, keep the ventilation well, so that the resulting ethylene can disperse with the wind, delaying the banana aging.
Two, Southland Pear. With the finger gently pressed the south fruit pear, if can feel elastic, smell taste of flavor, this is the best time to eat Southland pear. The South Fruit pear has the obvious "ripe" characteristic, after taking off after one weeks of natural fermentation to reach the best eating state.
Third, Persimmon. "Soft", "not astringent" is the important symbol of ripe persimmon, but such persimmon is not conducive to harvest, transportation and storage. Immature persimmon because of a large number of soluble tannin, tannin has a strong convergence, it can stimulate the mouth of the tactile nerve endings to produce excitement, let people produce "astringent" feeling. The persimmon should be put in the plastic bag, the bag mouth tightly tied, after a few days, can deastringenting reastringenting, become fragrant and sweet.
Fourth, Kiwi. Gently pressing the two sides of kiwifruit with finger belly, if the feeling is no longer hard, press place slight deformation, but also not very soft, this is the best edible kiwi state.
5. Shea butter. The butter is pressed by hand, and if it feels elastic, the flesh is strong, and it proves that the avocado is ripe. The more green surface dark brown spots, the more mature shea butter, but the peel is basically a deep shallow brown spots covering, it is recommended not to buy, indicating that it is possible to mature and deteriorate. If not the day to eat, suggest to buy more raw shea butter, such fruits at room temperature will naturally mature, after the three days, mature shea butter in the refrigerator freezer can be preserved for about one weeks.

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