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St. Peter’s Spicy Fish Seasoning Recipe

- Feb 11, 2018 -

Salmon has been one of those foods that have increased in our meals a lot as our healthy journey has progressed, especially as we worked to have grain-free meals more often and tackled a few Whole30 diets.


It’s also one of my husband’s least favorite foods ever, but he knows salmon is so healthy for our bodies that he lets me serve it – but it’s gotta be spicy!

Poor man, his “I’m an adult, I’ll eat fish now” journey started at a restaurant one summer when he had some tilapia with lots of spicy seasoning, pan-fried to perfection. Because he knows he should have more omega 3s in his diet, he allowed me to serve tilapia up to once a week, and of course it’s a very, very mild, non-fishy fish.

The boxed coating was easily reverse engineered (and spiced up even more), and then I found this recipe in a FAITH Magazine, published by the Diocese of Lansing. It’s even better!

But THEN, unfortunately, I learned that tilapia has more omega 6s than omega 3s. It’s not what I’m looking for!

The tilapia in Christ’s era was probably quite healthy, but farmed tilapia eats too much corn, which is high in omega 6s. Americans eat way too much omega 6. I had too much trouble sourcing a new bland white fish that I could cut super thin and cover in seasoning, that is also safely and sustainably fished.

So…on to salmon it was. We still use this fish seasoning (which isn’t even that spicy if you dust it lightly on one side of the fish only), but I don’t do all the other hoop jumping anymore. #whohastimeforthat? Hubby drenches it in “Awesome Sauce,” a Whole30 thing that’s half homemade mayo, half hot sauce.

I get both the wild Alaskan salmon (PS – farmed has the same problem as the tilapia; don’t bother with Atlantic salmon, which is unfortunately what almost all restaurants serve!!) and the hot sauce at such a great price at ALDI, so you know that makes me happy!! Good nutrition at a low price that takes hardly any time to prepare? Now you’re talking “Kitchen Stewardship.”

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