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The Process About Crayfish From Catch To Products

- Jun 15, 2017 -

    Crayfish are a staple of Southern cuisine. Resembling small lobsters, they average 3 inches in length and inhabit freshwater lakes and streams. People in some parts of the United States call them crawfish. The nutrients available in crawfish are similar to those in other shellfish, such as shrimp and crab. People typically boil crawfish with vegetables such as corn, potatoes and onions and enjoy it over rice.

Here are the process about how to make crayfish as a product...

    1.  Catching

    People usually catch crayfish at early morning or at night.





    2.  Circulating

    After catching, the pedlar will sell crayfish to wholesale markets, then wholesalers send them to the restaurant.














    3.  Processing

    Except for sending to the wholesale market, there are also a part of crayfish will send to the factory.





         Ultrasonic Cleaning


         Water Cleaning


         Vibration Cleaning


         Air Drying











                       冷冻.webp.jpg                             冷冻.webp.jpg     

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