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Two New Products About Conch

- Nov 20, 2017 -

We have developed two new products about conch. One is Carbon Burn Natica, and the other is Golden Top Shell With Capelin Roe. These two of new products already have been good reviews at the exhibition. The chewy taste is the best choice for beer, and it will open your appetite.

1.    Carbon Burn Natica


Description: These chewy snails are popular in beer lovers. Why? because the carbon burn flavor goes really well with beer, and that chewy taste will make you eat more and more.

Ingredients: Natica, BBQ sauce, cumin, chili sauce, sesame

Specification: 500g*20

Type: Ready to eat

Application:Gunkan, snack, appetizer

2.    Golden Top Shell With Capelin Roe


Description: This product is a combination of top shell and fish roe and is also a self-improvement. We make this dish not just have chewy taste, but also have crispy feel. Then plus seaweed seasoning, bring you more and more taste impact.

Ingredients: Top shell, capelin roe, seaweed

Specification: 500g*20

Type: Ready to eat

Application: Gunkan, maki, taco, poke


If you like these two products, you can click the url below the picture, or contact us. It would be a great pleasure to receive your message.

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