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Undaria Pinnatifida Of Instant Food

- Apr 24, 2017 -

The Undaria Pinnatifida belongs to the instant food, the spore body of the Undaria-tan, the shape is very like the banana leaf fan, apparently divided into three parts of the solid, handle and blade.
Undaria Pinnatifida contains a variety of nutrients, according to the preliminary analysis of each gram dried products containing crude protein, refined fat 0.32g, sugar 37.81g, Ash 18.93g, also contains a variety of vitamins, crude protein content is higher than kelp, its flavor also exceeds the kelp. The nepotism is not only a kind of edible economic brown algae, but also can be used to extract alginate from the raw materials. The nutritional value of the crony dishes is very high, usually made of instant food, convenient and affordable, nutritional health.
If you want to choose instant food, you can choose us, our products guarantee you eat at ease.

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