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Chuka Kurage Which Popular for Japanese People of Different Material Seasoned Jellyfish with Sesame Oil

Crispy jellyfish is a good appetizer, decorated with cooked sesame seeds and red pepper flakes. Sweet and sour flavor can turn up your appetite. Except for tapas, sometime it also use as a topping on some food.

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Product Details

Chuka kurage which popular for Japanese people of different material

Seasoned Jellyfish With Sesame Oil, most people know it through its another Japanese name Chuka kurage, Jellyfish in thinly sliced shape, and decorated with cooked sesame seeds and red pepper flakes. Sweet and sour flavor popular in east and south-east Asia, interesting slightly chewy texture and nice source of protein, going to get a Have To for your dining table.


Origins from China, well developed in Japan, now famous around the world with chuka flavor. Dalian world famous crystal clear jellyfish, then use Japanese special techniques, finally provide you this nutritious splendid side dish. It can use separately in appetizer and staters, could serve to customer table with other green veg, also could apply in sushi gunkan.


Jellyfish, Sesame oil etc.

Microbiological properties

Total Plate Countn=5 c=2 m=100000CFU/g M=1000000CFU/g
E Colin=5 c=1 m=10CFU/g M=40CFU/g
Salmonella in 25gn=5 c=0 m=0/25g
Vibrio parahemolyticusn=5 c=1 m=20MPN/g M=100MPN/g
Staphylococcus aureusn=5 c=1 m=100CFU/g M=1000CFU/g

Chemical Property

Me Hg:≤0.5mg/kg
Peroxide value:≤0.25g/100g

Physical properties

Appearancenatural pretty
ColorTranslucent yellow
TissueCrispy jellyfish
AromaChuka flavor
ImpurityNot find

Shelf life

2 years from date of manufacture when stored at -18°C or below

Available size

1kgX12pkt /ctn

Customize OEM


                     image002.jpgSushi gunkan





Manufacture Process


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