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Chilean Flavor Hotate With Yamakurage

Chilean Flavor Hotate With Yamakurage

when the crispy yamakurage bump with tasty hotate, and add Chilean sweet chili sauce, give you a new experience of taste.

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Product Details

Hotate is a kind of Japanese scallop, which is wider and more delicious than normal scallop.

Hotate's Nutritional

Hotate is a rich source of protein, calcium, vitamins, and iron. Of these nutrients, protein, vitamin B1, and taurine are attracting attention in health foods. Taurine is particularly noteworthy as an aid to development of the eyes and the brain, to rids the body of bad cholesterol, and to reduces blood pressure. Hotate is also considered a diet food for its high-protein, low calorie content and abundant vitamins and minerals.


This is Stem Lettuce, and it has many names. It is called "Mountain Jellyfish" because it is crunchy, like jellyfish, when rehydrated. "Sound Vegetable" comes from the same crunchiness. "Tribute Vegetable" is because someone once gave some to a Chinese emperor as tribute, and the emperor liked it.

So when the crispy yamakurage bump with tasty hotate, and add Chilean sweet chili sauce, give you a new experience of taste.

Here is the information about this dish.

Name: Chilean Flavor Hotate With Yamakurage
Type: Frozen seafood
Material: Hotate, yamakurage, chili sauce, tamato sauce.
Packing: 1kg*12
Flavor: Chilean flavor
Using: Gunkan, tapas
Storage Time: 2 years
Please eat it as soon as possible after unpacking.

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