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Kim Chee Scallop Trim

Kim Chee Scallop Trim

Kim chee sauce is a kind of sticky reddish-brown liquid, good taste, fragrant and sweet.This special taste plus scallop trim meat,the delicious taste will impress your taste nerve.

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Product Details

  • Name:Kim Chee Scallop Trim

  • Appearance: Natural pretty

  • Style: Bag

  • Type: Aquatic Products

Packing: 1kg vacuum Specification: 1kgx12
Shelf life: 24 month Storage condition: -18

Main material:
Kim chee sauce, Scallop skirts, scallop juice, pepper, salt

Microbiological Property 

Total Plate Count                     n=5 c=2 m=100000CFU/g M=1000000CFU/g

E Coli                                     n=5 c=1 m=10CFU/g M=40CFU/g

Salmonella in 25g                    n=5 c=0 m=0/25g

Vibrio parahemolyticus             n=5 c=1 m=20MPN/g M=100MPN/g

Staphylococcus aureus            n=5 c=1 m=100CFU/g M=1000CFU/g

Product Feature:
Selection of scallop skirts and nutrient-rich scallop juice is dish is the selling point, when you taste it, when, where delicious taste will impress your taste nerve

Cooking methord:
Please be eating  seasoning scallop after thawing.
A)Direct consumption (small bowl of goods)
B)Ochazuke or sushi.
[Thawing time reference] cold(about 5 ): 12 hours; At room temperature (about 25 ): 4 ~ 5 hours
Please eat as soon as possible after thawing.

YangQi Foods has focused on top quality seasoning seafood products for over 8 years in China.We started as a small operation, but now have become leading suppliers in the seasoning seafood industry in China.

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