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Sichuan Flavor Scallop Trim Meat

Sichuan Flavor Scallop Trim Meat

Are you a spicy fan? Do you like Mala flavor? If you like, don't hesitate, just click on the web page and contact us, you won't be disappointed!

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Product Details

Name: Sichuan Flavor Scallop Trim Meat

Specification: 1kg*12/pack

Storage Time: 2 years

Storage Condition: Keep frozen at -18℃ or below

Color: Yellow & Green & Red

Flavor: Mala 

Ingredient:Sacllop trim meat, tribute vegetable, chili sauce, pepper

Manufacturing process:


Nutritional Value: 

The mild, slightly sweet flavor of scallops makes for a pleasing and nutritious main course. They're low in mercury, according to Maine Sea Grant, so you can include scallops in your diet on a regular basis without having to worry about mercury poisoning. Scallops are packed with lean protein, minerals and vitamins, so they offer lots of nutritional value.

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