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Caterers Must Watch: The Restaurant Chain Should Pay Attention To Several Misunderstandings!

- Apr 14, 2018 -

One, by feeling, forgetting the strategy
Most of the catering companies have won experience but lost their strategy. Because some catering companies do not have a development strategy, they have a very bad sense of development direction. They either have a big stick in the west, or follow other people's feelings, and feel good about themselves. In a sense, companies are not competitive, often tying themselves up!
Second, fight decoration, forget harmony
In order to gain a foothold in the market, many catering companies have turned from spelling dishes to decoration. Luxurious, stylish and stylish business environment has become a mirror of mutual competition, imitation, and follow-up. Although the operating environment of some catering companies is “Western style,” it has formed “two skins” with its own brand culture, product characteristics, and market positioning, which makes people feel very unharmonious.
Third, expand the scale, forget the difference
In order to increase the market competition threshold and ensure the leading position in the catering industry, many catering companies have adopted the practice of expanding the scale of their operations. Changed from "small chorus" to "big chorus", but "song" is still the original "song." In contrast, the market is becoming more and more subdivided, and personalized, differentiated, and unique catering will become more and more popular among consumers.
Fourth, re-development, forget the basis
In the process of development of catering companies, there is a widespread problem of “hot, cold”, that is, treatment of expansion, high passion; for product development, personnel training, cultural packaging, consumer research, brand management, franchise support, strategy development, resources Integration and other development bases are not solid enough.
Fifth, respect fashion, forget essence
In Chongqing, along with the dual process of internationalization and urbanization, fashion restaurants and hot pot bars have opened more and more, constantly satisfying the new needs of modern urban residents.
Looking at the essence through the phenomenon of fashion catering elements is nothing more than creating a “leisure” dining environment. However, Chongqing's most "leisure-style" dining environment should be "dams." Therefore, Chongqing's unique business status, culture and landscape will be placed on the “Baba Food Street”.
Six, sell the theme, forget the support
Theme catering has become one of the strategies for catering companies to choose misplaced operations. Because the nature of food and drink is "new and old," so if the "theme" is always fresh, new content and forms must be constantly supported. Practice has proved that the theme is good and the support is difficult. "The theme of success is also the theme of defeat," which is a true portrayal of the management history of many theme restaurant companies.

VII. Engage in culture and forget about positioning
Most catering companies regard branded cultural packaging as a form of something, arbitrarily imagining, composing, and exerting it, which in turn makes its culture unsupportive to the development of the company, unattractive to consumers, and non-cohesive to its employees. In a sense, cultural packaging is the most essential market positioning for catering companies, as well as the individuality and core competitiveness of the company.
Eight, talk about propaganda, forget about unification
Some catering companies, when asked what their advertising language is? Not only are consumers unable to answer the questions, they are even unable to answer the questions of the managers of their companies. The problem lies in: What are you talking about? You don't say anything clearly; say East today, say West tomorrow. The entire brand promotion lacks unity, continuity and appeal. Although it took a lot of advertising costs, the public never found the "North"!
Nine, letter mode, forgetfully
Franchising has become one of the major profit models for the expansion of catering companies. At this time, the problem of “unlocking” only “connected” was gradually exposed in some franchise catering companies. As the saying goes, which mountain sings which mountain song. Franchisors are just like theirs. The profit model is not a “copier” and must be “landed” based on the facts of the franchise location.
Ten, care, forget innovation
Learning is the means to create new value is the purpose. Now, there are a large number of catering companies shouting “put the company into a learning organization”. However, in fact, there are some catering companies that have been learning and are always behind! In the fierce market competition environment, the purpose of learning is to get rid of learning, take the road of innovation and let others learn from themselves. If you want to be a good, big, and strong catering company, you need to calmly think about this serious topic.

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