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Tips!!! Yangqi Research And Development Of New Product

- Apr 17, 2018 -

In research and development, a company conceptualizes entirely new products. The research portion occurs when a company's research and development team tests the viability of a potential product by coming up with completely new science. This is the act of discovering entirely new science that can be used to create new products. The development portion comes after the research and is the act of turning the discovered science into a useful product that the company can market and sell.


So these two new products stand out------------


*Seasoned Sumiyaki Moon Snail 

*Golden Top Shell With Capelin Roe


Yes! This time we chose a new raw material--Moon snail, unlike previous materials, this one is more chewy than the top shell. Add the popular barbecue sauce, what an amazing snack with beer!

                                                        Seasoned Sumiyaki Moon Snail.jpg

Of course, for the old materials, we also developed a new product. But the difference is this time we added capelin roe and seaweed. Can you imagine the green, red seaweed with yellow capelin roe and white top shell? It’s beautiful right? And also delicious!

                                                        Golden Top Shell With Capelin Roe.jpg

We implemented a one- stop production from raw material to end product, which meets different clients’ needs and ensured the stability, equality and hygiene of the products. That’s why we always have the advantage in quality while gives the clients real sense of security.


Western and Chinese food chain, airlines and shopping malls dominate our main sales channels, while overseas sales reaches Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Australia and the United States, where also got the local consumers’ praised.

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