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February 2, 1818 Formally Implemented The Standard Commodity QR Code, What Is The Relationship With Food Companies?

- Mar 17, 2018 -

On February 1, 2018, the GB/T 33993-2017 "Commodity QR Code" standard issued by the National Standards Committee was formally implemented. This standard, led by the China Article Numbering Center, is applicable to the application of two-dimensional codes on goods. It plays a role in standardizing the two-dimensional codes of commodities used in the open circulation field in China to meet the needs of companies and consumers for the application of commodity two-dimensional codes.
As a food company, printing QR code on food packaging should also properly follow the data structure, information processing and symbol printing quality requirements specified in the “Product QR Code”.
Almost every product has a product barcode, which is currently the most widely used international and domestic EAN13 product barcode, developed by the International Association for Article Numbering (GS1). The prefix code is 690 to 699 barcodes used by our country's products to enable retail sales of goods. (POS), purchase, inventory management, automatic replenishment, sales analysis and other business operations automation.
Two-dimensional code encoding rules
A large number of food companies have begun to print QR codes on packaging. However, there is no standard to follow, resulting in the emergence of a series of chaos.
The "Product QR Code" standard mainly stipulates the data structure of the two-dimensional code and the selection of the two-dimensional code system.
(1) Data Structure of Product QR Codes
There are three kinds of data structure of commodity two-dimensional code, including coded data structure, national unified web site data structure and manufacturer's custom web site data structure.
Coding scheme
National Uniform Website Data Structure
Manufacturer custom URL data structure
The manufacturer's custom URL data structure consists of three parts: the vendor's or manufacturer's authorized network service address, mandatory parameters, and optional parameters. The global trade project unit is mandatory. For example:
(2) Two-dimensional code system selection
The standard stipulates that product two-dimensional codes should adopt the two-dimensional code system with national standard of GS1 or FNC1 mode or international ISO standard. The main requirements to meet the requirements of Han Xin code, rapid response matrix code (referred to as QR code) and data matrix code (Data Matrix code).
Three-dimensional product code QR code
Two-dimensional code size requirements
The size of the two-dimensional code should be comprehensively determined based on the content of the code, the level of error correction, the reading device, the system, and the allowable space of the tag. If necessary, relevant adaptive experiments must be performed. The minimum module size should not be less than 0.254mm.
QR code location requirements
In addition to complying with the requirements of GB/T14257, the placement of two-dimensional codes on products must follow the following principles:
(1) The identity of the same product produced by the same manufacturer is the same
(2) The marking position should be chosen so that the marking symbol is not deformed or damaged.
(3) The choice of marking location should be easy to scan and easy to identify
What can a food company do?
In order to promote the implementation of national standards, the China Article Numbering Center has established a “National QR Code Integrated Service Platform” (domain name is to provide enterprises with registration of commodity two-dimensional codes. A company that already has product barcodes can use a barcode card to log in directly. A company that does not have a product barcode must first apply for a product barcode to the China Article Numbering Center.
Food company without QR code
Enterprises can directly log on to the national QR code integrated service platform to register and use the product QR code. For example, the product code 06908642123504 registered on the national platform is available at, and the two-dimensional code that hosts the website is printed on the product.

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