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Standard for metal detectors CCP

- Mar 17, 2018 -

In many food companies, metal detectors are used to control various metallic foreign materials in the process of product processing, especially in the packaging process. In addition, in the establishment of a company's HACCP plan, Jinpan is used as a key control point (CCP). Even if not as a CCP, gold exploration is an important control step.
So what kind of basic configuration does it need? We talk about the "standard" of the gold exploration CCP from the "human-machine material law ring"
People - Gold exploration step site monitoring personnel
In the process of controlling and investigating CCPs, Jinchao needs on-site monitoring personnel. Their requirements are as follows:
In addition, once the product is found to have abnormal metal detection or abnormal equipment, the metal probing site monitoring personnel should have the skills and rights to take appropriate abnormal treatment and take corrective measures. If the metal probing site monitoring personnel do not have, the company should specify the specific abnormal Disposal and corrective measures Persons who take corrective measures and have appropriate capabilities.
Machine - Metal Detector for Product Processing Monitoring
Here is a summary of what factors will affect the sensitivity of gold detection, these factors also affect how companies choose to adapt to their needs of metal detectors.
Metal type
Metal shape and direction effect
Opening size/position of metal in the opening
Environmental conditions
Detection speed
Detect dry non-point products
Wet product testing
Automatic product compensation
Product signal suppression
How to choose a metal detector suitable for their own production? *
When the decision-making level decides to use metal detectors, it should be implemented according to different needs and objectives, the range of products produced, the processes adopted, and the scale and structure of the organization.
For decision-making, a suitable metal detection device needs:
1) Support food safety and quality requirements of any applicable regulations, retailers, customers or companies;
2) Ensure that the equipment used can be applied to the production of food companies in terms of accuracy, stability, etc., and have continuous applicability to other products;
3) It is possible to effectively establish procedures for communication, implementation and maintenance throughout the entire food industry, clarifying responsibilities, operating mechanisms, maintenance mechanisms, and approval mechanisms, and incorporating individual metal detectors into the overall “human-machine material approach "In the mechanism.
For a specific production level, a suitable metal detection equipment needs:
1) In line with the needs of the workplace in terms of food safety;
2) Applicable to business scale, type, product nature, product effect; not only includes the detection mechanism, but also includes the corresponding elimination mechanism;
3) Responsive measures should be taken when a product rejection system or a metal detection system fails.
* Excerpts from METTLER TOLEDO's "Reducing Metal Pollution - Establishing an Effective Mechanism"
Material - here mainly refers to "test block"
First, select the test block that is suitable for the sensitivity of the production. This is affected by many factors, such as laws and regulations, such as customer requirements, such as equipment and other factors. However, in the field management, we also need to pay attention to the following points:
Method - Use of metal detectors and monitoring solutions
When it comes to law, what we can mention can include several aspects:
Of course, different equipment and specific operations such as the startup of the gold detector may vary. Different products and companies vary in the CCP expression of the HACCP plan. However, regardless of how the expression is changed, basic monitoring will be performed. The method is unchanged, namely:
Before using the product, use a gold block detector to prove that the equipment is operating normally.
Within a specified period of time, the product is passed through the metal detector and the abnormal product is isolated in time.
Periodically test the block with a gold detector to verify the continued normal operation of the equipment.
Follow steps 2 and 3 alternately until the end of machining.
Before shutdown, the gold detector was used in the test block to prove that the equipment was still in normal operation, so as to prove that the detection of the product in the last phase was valid.
Second, we also need to clarify the gold exploration anomaly and rectification measures, which, in fact, mainly refers to two aspects:
Ring - supporting facilities for metal detectors
When it comes to the environment, we don't talk about the maintenance environment that the metal detector should pay attention to in daily use, such as temperature and humidity, but talk about the infrastructure that needs to be configured under the conditions of gold exploration.

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