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Differences in the application of seasonings

- Mar 03, 2018 -

Differences in the application of seasonings

Different countries and the same country in different parts of the cooking genre, generally have their own characteristics seasoning as a sign. For example, Xingqu is only used in parts of India. The most common seasoning in most parts of the world and culture is salt.
Each region can use different seasonings to achieve similar results, such as East Asia onion and European onions, ancient Chinese vinegar and ancient Western acid grape juice.
The use of the same seasoning in different areas can be quite different. Cinnamon spices are used in Southeast Asia (as well as some dishes in Italy) for meat seasoning, in Europe and the United States is added to the dessert.
Historically, property and cultural exchanges between regions have also changed the custom. Before the 15th century, Chinese dishes seasoned mainly by pepper, European cooking mainly by pepper, mustard. Geography found that the origin of the Americas pepper spread to other places, as the main spicy seasoning.

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