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How to manage the production quality

- Mar 08, 2018 -

Production of more and more varieties of products, shorter product life cycles under the market environment, the production department of production pressure is increasing: customers require shorter lead times, more on time, and lower prices, better quality . In the final analysis, the competition in manufacturing industry is the competition of production efficiency, cost control and management ability.

Excellent and effective production management ability.The workshop is the center of the manufacturing enterprise and the management of the workshop and the manufacturing department has a direct impact on the completion of the indicators of product quality, cost and delivery time. With the arrival of the meager profit era And organization structure tend to be flatten, workshop management will play an increasingly important role in the enterprise. The workshop supervisor should not only lead the team to complete all tasks, but also effectively manage the progress, quality, cost and personnel at the production site. How to carry out workshop management and production process control?

1.The importance of quality

"Quality is the life of an enterprise," which is the conclusion drawn by many enterprises with experience or lesson. Everyone has been convinced. Probably the meaning of this sentence is: product quality is not done, it will eventually be rejected by consumers and eliminated by the market, companies can not sell products, companies will close and close, so the quality of life is about the survival of enterprises, is the business s life.
From another point of view, the importance of quality can not be ignored: rework due to quality problems not only affect the progress of production, but also affect employees' sentiment more seriously, which will lead to more problems and progress of production will be further affected influences. Production can not keep up and directly affect the delivery time, thus affecting the sales and even lead to lost orders, then the factory would not create profits, no profit where our wages? So quality is not only related to the company's rise and fall, but also related to our vital interests.

2.How to control the quality

To control quality, we must first establish the concept that quality is made, not detected!

1, pre-education (prevention)
Control from the source, focusing on pre-education, production management staff in the arrangements for daily work or in the first piece to check the model process, has been on the process of each product well-known, prenatal after the process for the technical difficulties There are also solutions and measures. Then reorganize the group prenatal meeting will be known to all the timely communication to our grassroots employees, and combined with specific sections of the process requirements and the company's product quality requirements, make a detailed explanation so that we can understand: What is correct What is wrong, and what degree of achievement is qualified, what will be done if there is any disqualification, and so on. This is ex ante education.

2, things to correct

Some employees will work hard to achieve the target, but some may not understand or have a slight sense of weakness or technical capacity is limited, can not do our request, then asked our production management personnel to counseling, To supervise the follow-up. Especially at the initial stage of putting into production each new product, we should start from the first operation to follow up the inspection and promptly correct the wrong methods or bad habits so as to ensure that every process is passed to the next. We follow up the inspection and counseling until we finish the product. If we are really in place, I believe that there is very little rework after the finished product comes out. We don't need to check every product again and again. In this way, employees are happy and the post-processes are done easily.

3, after the conclusion
If it is due to technical factors or material causes rework phenomenon, we should promptly feedback to the technical department or quality control department, let it help solve and record the archive as a reference for future prevention of similar problems.

3.The responsibility of the team leader

1, to protect the machinery and equipment placed in neat rows, the machine and the table clean oil-free; production group is the smallest organizational unit of the factory, as the unit's main manager, for all matters on the group have the responsibility and obligation, Moreover, as a grass-roots management staff, is the first scene to understand the most people, as the saying goes magistrate in charge, if the leader of the tube is not good, but also expect who to manage!

2, to ensure the smooth flow of production: This is crucial, the team leader must be familiar with every employee in this group, as familiar with their family members, we not only know the technical capabilities of employees, but also understand the staff Temper personality and advantages and disadvantages. In this way, we can only rely on the allocation of processes to fully exploit the capabilities of our employees. The company does not lack talents, everyone is talent! In the same way our factory does not lack talents, but we did not explore! As the saying goes: no one is perfect! But we are often accustomed to paying attention to other people's shortcomings, and forget their own advantages! This is very detrimental to our work. In fact, if we focus on and fully exploit the advantages of our employees, their own shortcomings can easily be diluted and may eventually disappear! Moreover, the advantages and disadvantages are not absolute in themselves. Sometimes it seems to us to be a defect, but if it is used, it will become an advantage. For example: temper irritability in general is a disadvantage, but irritable people are often straightforward things, we arrange him to do the bottleneck process, it is easier and faster to solve the problem of poor process. All in all, we must fully consider all factors that affect our production schedule and quality when we make work arrangements.

3, clear record of the quality of production: In the production of our records of production is often more clear, but the quality of the record is not so concerned! We do not realize the importance of quality records - quality records is the basis of staff quality assessment process, but also our basis for improving the quality of production management, with a detailed quality records, through statistical analysis, we can quickly find out The reason of the problem, and can make the improvement and precautionary measures accordingly, at the same time these records can serve as reference and reference for similar problems in the future.
4, counseling and supervision of staff work: As a factory grassroots cadres leader, the production site for the best understanding of the team leader must be clear about the technical status of each team member, and individualize. So a team leader's production skills and management skills, a direct impact on the hands or even determine the technical quality of the hands, the corresponding growth of a production team members fast and slow also directly reflects the level of team leader's ability. In addition, most of the quality problems are not due to technical factors but awareness issues, so the leader in the technical guidance at the same time, but also to staff awareness of quality training. Good phenomena are strongly promoted, and bad behavior is immediately stopped and corrected.
5, workshop management and QC work with: QC is QC representatives on behalf of the quality control department, on behalf of the quality control department to guide and urge the workshop for the production quality management and control. Therefore, QC has the right to correct the irrationality of the workshop. For QC criticism or advice, the team leader must accept. If you think QC's criticism or suggestion is incorrect, you should report it to the quality control department or workshop supervisor, but you should not bump or curse! In addition, we also fully aware that QC is to assist us in quality management work, to really improve product quality, the key lies in improving ourselves and our staff's quality awareness, as well as our quality management technology! At the same time, we must be aware that production and quality are not contradictory. If strict control is implemented during the initial stages of production, quality improvement (reduction of rework rate) can effectively promote the increase of output.

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