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Treatment of odor in food factories

- Mar 17, 2018 -

Food factories have odors that are based on relatively closed foods.
Odor is :
The body feels aversion to certain odors, including causing emotional adverse reactions.
Odor sources:
Food processing personnel, processing environment, food production facilities, food processing and processing.
Odor control methods:
1. Improvement and management of food processing processes, such as reasonable specifications for production layout.
Change of raw materials
Change production process
Improvement of equipment
Equipment cleaning and maintenance
2. Absorption and extraction of odor, setting of equipment and facilities. For example: gas hood
Understand the nature and occurrence of odors
Source of exhaust hood for each odor (odor) source
Exhaust hood near source
Gas collection direction and odor flow direction as consistent as possible
Avoid the air flow interference caused by the hood around, for example, avoid the installation of a walkway or a conveyor belt production line around the hood, so as to avoid disturbing odors when people and objects move.
Odor treatment technology
Physics: Absorption, adsorption, condensation, dilution
Chemistry: Absorption, Adsorption, Ozone Contact, Heat Destruction
Bio: Oxidation
Processing case
Weapons 1: Activated carbon
Activated carbon is a black, powdery, granular, or pelletized, amorphous, porous carbon. The main component is charcoal, which also contains a small amount of oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen, and chlorine. It also has a fine structure such as graphite, except that the grains are smaller and the layers are stacked irregularly. With a larger surface area (500 ~ 1000m2 / gram). It has a strong adsorption capacity and can adsorb gas, liquid or colloidal solids on its surface. by
There is unbalanced and unsaturated molecular attraction or chemical robustness on the solid surface of activated carbon, so when this solid surface comes into contact with gas, it can attract gas molecules, concentrate it and keep it on the solid surface. Adsorption, after the exhaust gas passes through the filter, it enters the equipment's dust-removal system, and the purified gas reaches the standard emission in high altitude.

Weapon II: Deodorizing device and deodorizing equipment
Mainly based on the composition of odor using strong acid (sulfuric acid), strong alkali (sodium hydroxide), strong oxidizing agent (sodium hypochlorite) as a washing spray solution and gas odor molecules in gas-liquid contact, and by chemical agents and odor Odor components neutralize, oxidize, or react with other chemicals to remove odorous substances. Biofiltration deodorization, biofilter spray tower, biological deodorization tower: biofiltration deodorization process using "microbial" degradation technology, H2S, SO2, NH3, etc. and most of the volatile organic odorants degradation, deodorization rate Up to 98%-99%. Its purification mechanism includes two aspects:
First, in the process of plasma generation, the instantaneous high energy generated by high-frequency discharge is sufficient to open the chemical energy of some harmful gas molecules and decompose it into single atoms or innocuous molecules.
The second is that the plasma contains a large number of high-energy electrons, positive and negative ions, excited-state particles, and free radicals with strong oxidizing properties. These active particles collide with some odor molecules, and the odor molecules are in an excited state under the action of an electric field. When the energy obtained by the odor molecules is greater than the binding energy of the molecular bond energy, the chemical bonds of the odorous molecules are broken and directly decomposed into single-atom atoms or harmless gas molecules formed of single atoms.
High-energy electrons in low-temperature plasma can bring electron molecules with high electronegativity (such as oxygen molecules and nitrogen molecules) to electrons and become negative ions. It has many good health effects and is very important to human and other biological life activities. The influence was praised by people as "air vitamins" and "longevity factors."
The purification of low-temperature plasma also has significant biological effects. The resulting electrostatic effect on the surface of a variety of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms produced by the shear stress of the electrical power is greater than the surface tension of the cell membrane, so that the cell membrane was destroyed, resulting in the death of microorganisms. Therefore, low-temperature plasma deodorization technology has excellent disinfection and sterilization efficacy.
The cryogenic plasma purification device is equipped with a unique collision avoidance unit to trap and remove particulate matter in the exhaust gas. The multi-element gas collected by the exhaust gas collection system passes through a plasma-reactive oxygen purification device, and under the action of a high-voltage plasma electric field, ionization of the initial state oxygen is effected therein. The exhaust gas ions are ionized and charged, and the charged minute ions (dust particles) are collected by the adsorption unit and flowed into and deposited in the dust box of the gas treatment device. The harmful gases in the gas are sterilized by the ozone generated in the electric field. , And remove the odor, harmful gases are removed to achieve the purpose of exhaust gas treatment.

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