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Seafood Snacks Tend To High-end, Deodorant And Other Technical Aspects Of An Urgent Breakthrough In Innovation

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Seafood, nuts and other high value-added snacks more and more welcomed by the market. Recently, the snack food brand good shop and seafood ingredients enterprises Zhangzidao Group announced the launch of new "spicy ready-to-eat abalone." It is understood that three squirrels to Iraq and other similar businesses are also exploring the field of action.


Leisure snacks have nearly trillions of market cakes, with the arrival of "Internet +", the explosive growth of the category comes quietly. As a typical representative of "Internet +" in the snack food industry, the good products shop of Chinese-made enterprises also smelt business opportunities, Create a new era of marine snack foods for consumers to provide ecological, healthy and safe ocean snack foods.

In fact, the seafood snacks is not considered a new category, nori, squid, squid slices and other products belong to this category, but within the category of products have a greater level of difference. With the progress of society and the continuous improvement of living standard, people are pursuing high-quality green food and pursuing rich and tasteful seafood snacks. It is understood that the good shop and Zhangzidao common research and development of the spicy flavor of shrimp yaki scallops single store sales list 50 results into the good shop A class products list, the remaining two single product into the B category list.

China Dangerous Food Research Institute researcher Zhu Dan Peng believes that at present, casual snacks companies gradually to seafood snacks and other high value-added products tilt, in addition to solve the plight of the industry homogeneity and corporate profits low embarrassment, the key is to meet the consumer End for the nourishment of high-end food, high-end and small needs.

As snack foods become more and more necessities for families, the market has great potential for development. The explosive growth of categories also brings boundless opportunities for industrial upgrading in the industry. Marine foods will also become an important demand increment for snack foods in the future.

First, the marine snack itself has the characteristics of low fat, high protein, delicious and not fat, and this alone has the basis of a certain consumer group. Second, the preservation and transportation of seafood has always been the bottleneck of the supply chain, leading to consumption Has a certain geographical, made of casual snacks, easy to carry and eat, greatly expanding the consumption area and the scene.

Currently, seafood products market belongs to the Blue Ocean, higher than the profit of nuts category 5% -10%. Industry experts said that consumers are now on the demand for high-end products, seafood snacks category is promising, but the seafood food safety is more critical, the technical requirements are relatively high, such as the face of fishy and other technical barriers, so this question In terms of business or a larger challenge.

Often the way seafood to fishy is heated to the fishy, alcohol to fishy, and to the fishy, spices to fishy, while the scale of seafood products to the fishy you need to use related equipment, such as fishy ozone water machine, In addition to fishy killing equipment and so on. Of course, there are also companies that use fishy or other additives to remove the stench, but this method is clearly impracticable under the strict supervision of food safety. I understand that at present the most reliable technology is to use high concentrations of ozone water soak seafood products sterilization, disinfection, removal of stench.

Currently, the market to fishy equipment and more by the oil-free air compressors, condensers, oxygen machines, ozone generators and other components. First of all, the raw water is boosted by a stainless steel booster pump, then the stainless steel gas-liquid mixing pump is sucked in to mix the ozone and then flows into the stainless steel reaction tank for a brief reaction and then flows out to be directly used for soaking, disinfection and sterilization of seafood products. It is noteworthy that, if the raw water pressure can reach 2-4 kg above stainless steel gas-liquid mixing pump front booster pump may not need to install, easy to operate and convenient.

Deodorization equipment ozone water can not only completely kill the bacteria on seafood products, does not affect the taste, does not affect the appearance, but also allows the product to look more fresh, but also to extend the shelf life. In addition to disinfection, sterilization, preservation, but also can be used for disinfection bottle, to fruits and vegetables, containers, caps, packaging materials, production equipment, such as sterilization. Industry experts suggest that in actual use, more than one small device more than a single device concentration distribution more evenly. Selection as much as possible the use of multiple small devices, in order to obtain a uniform concentration distribution.

On the one hand, "fresh" is the Chinese diligently pursue the taste, the marine food itself has the characteristics of high protein, delicious does not increase fat, table diet has a good consumer base; the other hand, seafood products made of casual snacks, Anytime, anywhere you can easily carry and eat. These indicate that marine food will be an important demand increase for the future of snack foods. However, high-end seafood snacks are more in line with the bourgeoisie and consumption promotion trend of the whole society. They also expect processing enterprises and food machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises to follow up in time Processing technology, technology, equipment.

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