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Production of seasoning dried fish

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Process of seasoning dried fish:
Raw material acceptance → raw material processing → drying → seasoning impregnation → bake → → Laason → weighing small packaging → sealing → packaging.
Operational essentials:
1, raw materials and raw materials processing. Choose fresh squid with 10-15 cm long. Raw materials after washing open abdominal cavity, remove the head, viscera, ink sac, cartilage, Shan, peel skin, made of squid meat.
2, the first time drying. Wash the squid slices after drain and put on the bamboo curtain tedding to 60%-70% dry.
3, seasoning impregnation. The first dried squid slices are impregnated with the seasoning liquid for 1-1.5 hours, the temperature is below 20 ℃.
4, the second drying. The impregnated squid slices drain, arranged in the bamboo curtain on the second sun, drying process to tedding, drying to 70%-80% thousand can bake.
5, baking. With the conveying type infrared baking oven baking, temperature 180 ℃-200 ℃, time 1-2 minutes.
6, Laason. The baked squid slice hot inserts the Laason machine two roller clearance roller pressure Laason.

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