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Fish Seeds for instant food

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Fish seeds have a high nutritional value, containing egg albumin, globulin, egg viscosity protein and eggs, such as the human body needs the nutritional ingredients, and taste delicious. Fish, such as catfish, puffer fish eggs are poisonous to avoid eating.
Fish seeds are a nutritious food, with a large number of proteins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and riboflavin, also rich cholesterol, is the human brain and bone marrow good supplements, growth agent. Fish seeds contain moisture per 100 grams 63.85~85.29 grams; Fat 0.63~4.19 grams; coarse protein 12.08~33.01 gram; Eggs in vitamin A, B, D content is also rich, and vitamin A can prevent eye disease, vitamin B can prevent beriberi and dysplasia, vitamin D can prevent rickets. In addition, eggs are also rich in protein and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, as well as a large number of brain phospholipid nutrition. These nutrients are extremely important to the human body, especially for children, and are relatively easy to lack in our daily meals.

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