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The nutritional value of the undaria stem slices of frozen products

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Crony tablets are popular seafood, known as the "Sea of vegetables," now a small series for you to introduce the frozen products of the nutritional value of the Undaria stem tablets:
The Undaria stems are a natural treasure trove of microelement and minerals, containing more than 10 kinds of essential amino acids, calcium, iodine, zinc, selenium, folic acid and vitamins. The iodine content of the undaria stems is higher than that of kelp, plus the microelement rich in amino acids, crude fiber, and so on, the children's skeleton, intelligence development is very beneficial. Undaria stems also have high nutritional, low calorie characteristics, easy to lose weight, clean up the intestines, protect the skin, anti-aging efficacy, is many women favorite dishes. The mucus of the Undaria stems contains alginate and alginate, which reduces the cholesterol in the blood, helps to expel excess sodium ions in the body, prevents the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis, improves and strengthens blood vessels, prevents arteriosclerosis, and reduces hypertension.

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