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How To Select Sustainable Seafood Correctly?(1)

- Jun 23, 2017 -

     Twenty years ago, in order to solve the problem of unsustainable fishing, Unilever and WWF set up Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) this very innovative standards organization.

     Currently, there are nearly 200 products with MSC eco-labelling in the Chinese market, and 131 species have been certified in the world. Here are the common certified species sold in the Chinese market:



    Latin Name: Theragra chalcogramma

     Also know as walleye pollock, the world's largest fish stocks are widely distributed in the northern Pacific Ocean. MSC certified pollock fishery are mainly distributed in the bering sea and the sea of okhotsk.



     2.Atlantic Cod、Pacific Cod

                         Atlantic Cod.jpg

     Latin Name: Gadus morhua、Gadus macrocephalus

     The global catch is second only to the economic fish of the Pollock. MSC certified fisheries are mainly distributed in the north Atlantic and the north Pacific.





     Latin Name: Anoplopoma fimbria

     Commonly known as coalfish. In Japan and Hong Kong, it is also called silver cod. Located in the eastern part of the northern Pacific Ocean, MSC certified fisheries are mainly concentrated in the waters of Alaska.



     4.Golden Redfish

                           Golden Redfish.jpg

     Latin Name: Sebastes fasciatus、Sebastes marinus、Sebastes norvegicus

    It is mainly distributed in the north Atlantic ocean and has MSC certification in Iceland, Canada and Alaska.



     5.Patagonian toothfish、Antarctic toothfish

                     Patagonian toothfish.jpg

     Latin Name: Dissostichus eleginoides、Dissostichus mawsoni

     In China, patagonian toothfish is commonly referred to as silver cod, which are divided into patagonian toothfish and antarctic toothfish. MSC certification is obtained from the majority of patagonian toothfish fishery, but it is very important to select MSC source to protect the population resources of patagonian toothfish due to the still illegal fishing problem.



     6.Atlantic halibut、Pacific halibut、Greenland halibut

                       Atlantic halibut.jpg

    Latin Name:Hippoglossus hippoglossus、Hippoglossus stenolepis、Reinhardtius hippoglossoides

      Also know as flat cod, As of now, there are four certified fisheries in the world, the Greenland halibut has only one fishery to obtain MSC certification, and four certification companies share the quota of the certified fishery.





     Latin Name: Cyclopterus lumpus

     Lumpfish distributed in the north Atlantic ocean. Currently, there are only two fisheries in Iceland and Greenland are certified as MSC. Norwegian and Icelandic fisheries are in the process of certification.



     8.Orange Roughy

                              Orange Roughy.jpg

     Latin Name: Hoplostethus atlanticus

    Located in the surrounding waters of Australia and New Zealand, only one fishery in New Zealand has been certified as MSC and one fishery is in the process of certification in Australia.


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