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How To Differentiate Octopus, Squid, And Cuttlefish?

- Jun 16, 2017 -

     Octopus,squid and cuttlefish are dubbed "the three brothers of mollusc " Many people can't tell the differences about these three brothers, in fact if you know the rule, you can distinguish them so easy.

    One、Different body structure

    Octopuses have eight legs, but squids and cuttlefishes have ten legs.

    Octopuses are soft, squids have cartilage, cuttlefishes have bones.


    Two、Different shapes

    The head of an octopus is round, like a ball.


    Squids are slender.


    The body of the cuttlefish is relatively flat and large.


    Three、Different habits

    The octopus usually crawls along the bottom of the sea and moves slowly.


    Squids and cuttlefishes move fast in the sea.


    The octopus is a nocturnal animal, but squids and cuttlefishes like the bright place.

    Four、Different edible methods

    The octopus can be eaten raw and boiled, but raw is the best.

    Squids and cuttlefishes must be cooked before eating.

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