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The Travel Of Tianmu Lake

- Jun 13, 2017 -

    The Tianmu Lake Landscape Garden Scenic Spot is the first national AAAAA Class scenic area. As a core scenic area, it is a poetic natural essence in the Tianmu Lake Scenic Spot, which owns Filial Obedience Culture Garden, the Top-one Scholar (Zhuangyuan) Culture Garden, Stone Museum, Elf Kingdom, Butterfly Valley, Chinese Tea Island, etc..


      Bamboo paths stretch to the deep and serene, tourists wander in the picturesque scene, as Zheng Banqiao praised: “bamboo gentleman, stone nobleman, one-thousand-year friend, four-season spring”. 


      Do you like pandas?If there have bamboo,there must have pandas too!


      Here are some photos about our colleagues.




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