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How To Select Sustainable Seafood Correctly?(2)

- Jun 26, 2017 -



Latin Name: Macruronus magellanicus、Macruronus novaezelandiae

  Currently, the fishery in Argentina, Australia and New Zealand has been certified by MSC.



10. Capelin


Latin Name: Mallotus villosus

  The United States, Canada, Iceland and Japan all have their own production, and only one fishery in Iceland is currently certified by MSC.



11. Icefish


Latin Name: Champsocephalus gunnari

  Icefish mainly in the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic ocean near the South Pole. There are only two fisheries currently available for MSC certification.



12. Haddock


Latin Name: Melanogrammus aeglefinus

  Located in the north Atlantic ocean, most of the haddock fisheries are certified by MSC.





Latin Name: Thunnus alalunga

  MSC certified albacore fisheries are widely distributed in the southwestern Pacific, western-central Pacific Ocean and North-East Atlantic waters. Only one Chinese company has been certified by MSC albacore fishery.



14. Yellowfin Tuna

                          Yellowfin Tuna.jpg

Latin Name: Thunnus albacores

  One of the common species of tuna fish, MSC certified yellowfin tuna, is mainly in the Pacific Ocean.



15. Pink salmon、Chum salmon、Coho/Silver salmon、Sockeye/Red salmon、Chinook salmon

                                pink salmon.jpgpink salmon.jpg

Latin Name: Oncorhynchus gorbuscha、Oncorhynchus keta、Oncorhynchus kisutch、Oncorhynchus nerka、Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

  Wild salmon include Pink salmon, Coho/Silver salmon and Chum salmon etc…There are a number of fish fisheries in the United States of Alaska obtained MSC certification, and one fishery in Russia recently acquired MSC certification.



16. Arrowtooth flounder、Rex sole、Flathead sole、Southern rock sole、Northern rock sole、Yellowfin sole                                                            Arrowtooth flounder.jpg

Latin Name: Atheresthes stomias、Glyptocephalus zachirus、Hippoglossoides elassodon、 Lepidopsetta bilineata、Lepidopsetta polyxystra、Limanda aspera

  Flounder include yellowfin sole, rock sole, grey sole etc…MSC certified flounder fisheries are mainly located in the waters off the United States and Canada.

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