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The Practice Of Frozen Food

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Some people think that the color, aroma, taste and nutritional value of frozen foods are less than fresh food. Worried about the reduction of nutritional value after thawing and cooking. In fact, as long as the grasp of the reasonable thawing and cooking methods, frozen food can still keep the original color, fragrance, flavor, shape, nutritional ingredients will not be lost.
Frozen food in cooking should grasp the appropriate method, cooking temperature, time to depend on the type of food, tender degree, weight and so on. Generally speaking, cooking starts with a fire, burns to boiling, and then switch to small fires. Green leaf dish to use hot pot Wang schemes he devises fry, cooking when asked long will make vitamin C loss increase. In frozen production after blanching vegetables, cooking time is shorter, otherwise brittle, tender degree will be affected.
In addition, the cooking water should not be more than appropriate. The more water, the more soluble vitamins are dissolved. Most of the nutrients in the food will dissolve in water, such as inorganic salts Tatsu 10%~25%, vitamin 15%~25%. In order to reduce the nutritional loss, according to the need to add the appropriate amount of starch thicken in some foods, so that soup is wrapped in food, the excess juice can be best utilized.

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